Evermore is changing policies and practices within our communities — and across our nation — so that all bereaved people can achieve a healthy, prosperous, and equitable future.

Evermore's Comments to AHRQ
Bereavement In Healthcare
Bereavement offers an unparalleled opportunity to leverage existing public and private healthcare initiatives to go “upstream” by delivering effective preventive services.
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Joyal on BBS
Evermore Founder Featured!
Evermore's founder is featured on PBS NewsHour's Brief But Spectacular Instagram, where the brightest thinkers, makers, artists, and inventors give passionate takes on topics that inspire them.
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The Mystery of Grief Writing into the Loss
Join us on March 6th!
In this two-hour program, we will read grief poems, write some of our own poetry, and be in community with one another. Reserve your spot now!
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FTC Funeral Rule
Funeral Price Transparency Now!
Today, it's perfectly legal for the funeral industry to change the prices of funerals and memorials for newly bereaved people. We believe this is wrong! Read our letter to the FTC.
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Bereavement Leave in 2023 (2)
State Bereavement Leave Laws & Legislation
Most employees who need time off from work to grieve and cope with the death of a loved one currently have no legal right under federal law to take leave.
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Bereaved Families Count!
The $712M federal Maternal & Child Health program should not only investigate death, but it should attend to bereaved families in the aftermath.
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Grief Directory
National Online Grief Directory
We've compiled bereavement resources in every state across the nation.
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Your Stories
We spoke to bereaved individuals about their experiences. Their stories are available for you on your own time, at your own pace, on your own couch and are free.
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Just – We create just and equitable systems for all.

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