Evermore is improving the lives of bereaved children and families.

Evermore is a national nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of bereaved people. Bereavement is largely undocumented and thus a “hidden” problem in the United States and throughout the world. In addition to the immense personal tragedy people experience, it’s a problem with vast health, economic, and social consequences. To address these consequences, Evermore is accelerating lasting societal change using data and science to drive policy and practice advancements that are grounded by the lived experiences of individuals and families. We are seeking cultural transformation. 

To achieve this mission, we work across health, social, and economic issues that are central to preserving the rights, dignity, and solvency of all bereaved individuals. This means we stand up to power – political or financial – when it seeks to marginalize, diminish, or take advantage of bereft people, particularly during life’s toughest moments. We stand firm in this mission, even when it requires us to take an inconvenient or unpopular point of view.

We seek to serve all people in the United States, regardless of race, wealth, faith, geography, sexual orientation, political affiliation, incarceration status, national origin, disability, genetic conditions, age, or other disenfranchisement. We stand for a united nation. 

Our values embody our beliefs and intentions. Each day, Evermore aims to be:

Just – We create just and equitable systems for all.

Respect – We recognize our differences and are always respectful.

Evidence-based – We rely on the highest quality evidence in our decision-making.

Innovation – We drive innovation in bereavement care.

Excellence – We surpass expectations every time.

We accomplish our work by advocating for meaningful policy change, advancing bereavement science, and cultivating innovative bereavement programming among communities across the nation. We envision a world where all bereaved individuals achieve a healthy, prosperous, and equitable future, and we are actively building a society toward that actuality.

We are here to forge positive change in the lives of every bereaved person in our country. We hope you will join us.

To learn more about Evermore, take a look at Our Mission.

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Nearly every American will experience the death of a loved one.

As a nation, we can – and must – do better.