Protect Our Jobs, Congress!

Equity for ALL Americans NOW!




Paid bereavement leave legislation is being considered by U.S. Congress now. There is no bill number yet, but many are referring to it as the Build Back Better bill.


Right now, YOUR elected officials are determining if our losses are important enough to deserve wage and job protections.

Today, millions of bereaved Americans have no job or wage protections.


This is unconscionable and unAmerican.

We want equal rights for ALL Americans.



We need to make it clear paid bereavement leave must stay and five days are required — and ALL Americans deserve equal access to leave benefits. 



Lawmakers will make this decision for everyone in America, based on what they think YOU want.

That’s why they need to hear from you today.

  • Here's how you can help!


Find out who your House and Senate lawmakers are.

First, find your three elected officials here.



Contact YOUR lawmakers via the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Your lawmakers need to hear from Americans who care about protections for newly bereaved people: they need to hear YOUR stories. We’ve made it really easy for you. Just tap on the 202 number and your phone will call the Congressional switchboard. Of course, you can also contact them on their social media accounts or email them directly. 



Tell them your story.

Your story has the power to change the world. When you reach each lawmaker’s office, tell them why bereavement leave is important to you. Did you have a caring employer and supportive co-workers, and you want that for everyone else, too? Maybe you lost your job or experienced workplace harassment on top of your grief. Let your lawmakers know what a difference this legislation would have made for you and your family. 



Tell them EQUAL rights of ALL Americans.

Today, the legislation does not allow for equal rights for all bereaved Americans. The legislation reads “may not exceed 3/5ths of the number of hours in the individual’s regular workweek.” Meaning, if you work for five total days, you would only receive three days of leave. If you worked more than five days per week, you’d be entitled to more. If you worked less than five days, you’d be entitled to less. As a nation we should stop perpetuating unequal laws. Our experiences and our loved ones matter equally.



Tell them that NOW is the time to act.

As our nation’s death rate reaches an all-time high, remind your elected officials that millions of Americans are counting on them to make the right decision.

Time is of the essence.

  • Above all else, always be respectful.


Please Join Us in Protecting American Jobs.


No one should be fired after losing a loved one.